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The company passed the ASME certification JIU

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The company passed the ASME certification JIU

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    September 13, 2015 至 9 15, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), head of the headquarters of the Joint Inspection Unit, Mr. Niu Chan row of three of the company were AMSE certification JIU, after three days of careful review, the JIU agreed that the company's quality system can be run in strict accordance with the requirements of the ASME Code, the company passed the ASME certification JIU.


    In AMSE JIU meeting held on the 13th, the company chairman Zhang Chunxia behalf of the company and all employees of the JIU experts visit the company welcomed the JIU experts introduced the company profile, and on the right ASME certification JIU readiness LEG company carried out extensive exchanges, we require the company to all employees to actively cooperate with all aspects of the JIU, will the JIU as a learning and opportunities for improvement, positive summary serious correction, improve the company's quality and management level. ASME certification JIU Chan thanked the head of cow's reception. And on the content and Notes The ASME JIU were discussed, the JIU requested by a member of ASME certification requirements seriously work on the problems raised corrective recommendations.


    In the two-day review, the JIU members to establish the company's product specification ASME quality assurance system of supervision, modification, implementation and control of the ASME code case was reviewed for ASME pressure vessel (U) manuals, procedures, design , materials, welding, heat treatment, NDE and inspection and other related documents were focused review of the case of workshop consumables custody case demonstrates welding products and consumables libraries were reviewed. The review process, the relevant departments to seriously review the JIU with the question raised by the JIU, all rectification in the fastest time, and get recognized examiner.


    ASME standard is one of the earliest applications of the standard of the world by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee (BPVC) to develop, has been recognized as the world's most complete technical content, the most widely used pressure vessel standards, authoritative standards in international economic exchanges and foreign pressure vessel manufacturing inspection. Passed the ASME certification JIU lay a solid foundation for our company to further explore the international market.


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